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coke clinker cooling spray

coke clinker cooling spray

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A process for quenching hot coke discharged from an oven of a battery of coke ovens into a one-spot car. The process utilizes a unique arrangement of two sets of narrow angle spray nozzles to quench the coke. In addition to quenching the coke, one set of spray nozzles initially knocks down the peak portion of the coke pile and distributes the coke so that the exposed surface of the coke is

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rotary cooler - cement cooler | agico cooler in cement plant

Rotary cooler is also called clinker cooler, which is the important support equipment of cement rotary kiln. It is mainly used to cool the high-temperature clinker(1000-1200℃)discharged from the rotary kiln into an appropriate temperature (less than 200℃). The cold air produced by it contact countercurrent with the clinker in the cylinder and generate heat exchange, then they will enter the rotary kiln as

rotary cooler | clinker cooler in cement plant | agico cement

Cooler is a kind of refrigeration equipment that is realized by vapor-compression or absorption cycle, the liquid can flow through the heat exchanger to reach for the purpose of the cooling air or equipment, high-temperature clinker enter into the cooler from the feeding device, cooler rotate to drive sufficient heat exchange between material and the air, at the same time as the kiln body keep rotating according to

coke quenching - sealpump

Wet quenching prevents the coke from burning up in the air, we specify high volume, low pressure full cone spray nozzles for this process. It is common to have an array of nozzles installed in the system, located above the coke car or within the cooling chamber of the tower. Ensuring the sprays have an even distribution across the spray pattern

enclosed coke pushing and quenching system design manual

COKE GUIDE (Figure 6, drawing #319-A601) The coke guide car consists of two connected sections. The first section is the coke guide rack which is similar to the standard design except that it has been totally enclosed and fits tightly againt the buckstays and against the top of the jamb casting. ... There is also a cooling spray beyond the fume

clinkerization - cement plant optimization

Cooling air requirement is generally designed at 2.2-2.5 nm3/kg-clinker. Either hammer crusher or roller crusher is used to break lumps of clinker before coming out from cooler. Water spray or Air to Air heat exchanger is used to cool down cooler vent air before de-dusting in ESP or bag filter

cement - gas cooling and emissions control - dürr megtec

Particularly resistant to abrasion and plugging, Turbotak™ atomizing nozzles are ideal for a wide variety of applications including gas cooling and conditioning, wet scrubbing and spray drying. Key applications on a cement plant include water atomization sprays for gas temperature conditioning in the downcomer, conditioning tower, finish

process for cooling a continuously moving material to a

The control spray further cools the coke by applying water at a flowrate such that the coke exiting the cooler will be at the desired temperature. A baseline flowrate can be set by routine experimentation, including measuring the coke temperature at the discharge end and correspondingly adjusting the water flowrate to provide more or less cooling

dry quenching - coke, hot, quenched, cooling, system, air

Breeze from this coke can still be considered as a high quality fuel, while wet quenched coke breeze due to high moisture is very likely to cause trouble in furnace operation. The dry-quenching process may also be adapted for the purpose of cooling other hot products of the chemical industry such as calcium carbide, lime, cement clinker, etc

wet quenching of incandescent coke (patent)

A method and apparatus for the wet quenching of coke is disclosed wherein hot coke is sprayed from above with quenching water, the steam generated by the heat of the coke is condensed by a spray of condensation water from the top of the quenching tower, and the hot condensate-water mixture is collected at the bottom of the quenching tower and recirculated to the top of the tower where it is

method to produce cement clinker using coke with a high

A cement clinker is produced by preparing a raw mixture based on the Limestone Saturation Factor of up to 1, the Silica Module of 2-3.5 and the Alumina Module of 0-3, and the fineness adjustment in a mesh No. 200 of the raw mixture; and controlling the residence time of the calcinated mixture, clinkering temperature and oxidizing conditions at the kiln inlet during the clinkering stage

clinker cooling rate vs cement performance - page 1 of 2

Jan 10, 2012 · re Clinker cooling rate vs Cement Performance. Hello Norew, Faster cooling of clinker has the following effects;-1. Smaller C3A crystals resulting in a more reactive and easier to grind clinker, producing faster cement setting times, improved early strengths and increased water demand

patents assigned to suncoke technology and development llc

Dec 27, 2019 · Abstract: Systems and methods for removing carbonaceous clinker material from a coke oven are described. A coke oven can be provided including an oven floor, coke, and clinker material deposited on the oven floor. After a temperature of the coke oven has reached a first temperature (e.g., after heating coal in the oven to produce coke), the method includes increasing the temperature of the

f23j 1 - removing ash, clinker, or slag from combustion

Patents for F23J 1 - Removing ash, clinker, or slag from combustion chambers (3,441) 05/2010: 05/25/2010: US7721661 Apparatus for combustion of biofuels :

gas cooling | lechler

Jul 08, 2019 · Precise gas cooling of hot flue gases in cement plants, waste incineration plants and power plants creates stable conditions for safe and efficient operation of downstream plant components. Lechler offers gas cooling systems for various applications that can be individually adapted to customers’ requirements

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